Written by on May.17, 2017. Filed in: Reviews

apple macbook pro 2016 image

Today, we’re going to review the latest Macbook Pro 2016 model that Apple is offering up. They come in three different models: the 13 inch model without the new Touch bar and Touch ID. The 13 inch model that includes the new Touch bar and Touch ID. Lastly, there’s the 15 inch model with the new Touch bar and Touch ID. As a side note, we’ve included a video below this article that shows this machine in action.

According to Apple’s official website, this model is supposed to be more powerful and faster than ever before. And in the same vain, it’s supposed to also be more thinner and lighter by about 17%. The display is supposed to be 67% brighter which is the brightest, most colorful one that they’ve ver come out with to date. It boasts up to 130% faster graphics. (more…)