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Ok,so now we’re going to talk about what I think is one of the hottest media players out there,the Real Networks media player. And boy does it have a ton of new,hot features. First off, Real player is the only player that gives you the ability to download video from thousands of Web sites with only one click. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can then share it on Facebook with all your peeps. If that’s not enough,you can also email it,or Tweet the video for free.

Next, they’ve added what is called the Real Player Plus. This option offers the highest quality audio and video that’s available today,and gives you the ability to burn DVDs,and includes access to a built-in music store, access to worldwide radio, and all the great features of the original, free RealPlayer.

Another new feature they’ve added is called “Rinse,” and it allows you to seamlessly organize and repair your digital music library. Another feature that’s been around for a while,is their Superpass service. When you subscribe to the service, you can watch and listen to news, sports, film, TV,and entertainment content with the RealPlayer Plus because SuperPass offers 3,200 online music stations and $10 worth of music downloads each month. They currently have a 14 day free trial going on for that,so you can try it first to see if you like it.

Last,but definitely not least, when the summertime roles around,and CBS airs it’s hot,Big Brother reality TV Show,Superpass gives you the opportunity to watch the contestants struggle it out in that house,live,24 hours a day,7 days a week as part of the service. This part of the service is really popular among Big Brother fans. To get more information,or to get your 14-day free trial of the Superpass,just Click Here.